Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue | Wedding Planning

Searching for the perfect wedding venue can definitely be overwhelming. There’s so many beautiful spaces and so many options – there is no one right way to do anything!

One of my biggest recommendations for choosing a venue is making sure that you can get ready, have your ceremony, and reception all at the same location. Nothing complicates a wedding day more than the bridal party getting ready 45 minutes away, or having your ceremony in one place and your reception in another. Having everything in one place leaves a lot less room for error and will overall make your day less stressful.

Venue Capacity

How many people do you plan to invite to your wedding? This is one of the most important aspects when looking for a venue. If you are planning a large celebration you will need to make sure that your space can accommodate that. Check the venue’s website or give them a call to see how many guests they can accommodate.

What’s Included?

Some venues include tables, chairs, Decor, catering, Etc. It can be a huge bonus if your venue includes these kinds of things, because that is one less thing that you have to worry about. Plus, having to haul tables and chairs (or hire someone to do so) can be a huge pain. Make sure to check to see if there are additional charges for these things.

Venue Restrictions + BYOB

Are there any restrictions that come with the venue? This can range from certain areas of the venue that are off limits to photography restrictions (most commonly in churches) to alcohol restrictions. Some venues also impose time restrictions for your special day.

Having the ability to BYOB can save you a ton of money!

Getting Ready Space

If getting ready photos are important to you make sure to take a look at what the getting-ready space looks like at your venue. Lots of natural lighting, beautiful decor, and having enough space for you and your bridal party to get ready are all important factors. This is the space that you spend a few hours leading up to the ceremony on your big day, so make sure that you will be comfortable and able to have a good time there.

Ceremony Location

Some venues offer multiple ceremony locations while others tend to just have one. Something to take into account when looking at your ceremony location is the ceremony time and the angle/intensity of the sun at that time. Is there enough room for the amount of guests that you wish to have? Do you love the view behind where you and your wedding party will be standing?

Reception Space

Reception space is all about how you are planning to party down after your ceremony. Make sure that there is enough room for tables and chairs for all of your guests, your caterer, DJ, Etc. Think about where the dance floor is going to be. If you are doing any kind of first dances, make sure that your guests will be able to easily watch.

Photo Locations

Take a look around your venue and think about all of the opportunities for photos. Does everything for the most part look really beautiful and you see a lot of spaces that you think are good photo opportunities? It can also be beneficial to talk to the venue owner to see where the popular photo spots are. Also speaking with your photographer, especially if they have been to the venue before, and seeing past galleries can help you get a feel for what your wedding day will look like.


Overall when choosing the perfect venue for your wedding celebration, go with your gut! If the space feels good and you love it, go for it!

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