Ceremony Wedding dress Suit Comfortable shoes Vows Wedding rings Flowers Marriage license Jewelry Veil Sentimental items/family heirlooms Tissues   Miscellaneous Makeup Mirror Jewelry Blanket/other decorations (optional) Letters from friends/family Champagne/beers (or whatever floats your boat!) Dry shampoo Wet wipes Tissues Pens Garment bags for wedding attire Wrinkle spray Picnic supplies   Backcountry Items If you […]

What to Pack for Your Adventure Elopement

While planning a national park elopement can have a lot less moving parts, there are still plenty of things to take into consideration when planning! In this post I go over location, permits, weather, guidelines, and more to best prepare you for your adventure.   What permits do I need? A special use permit is […]

Planning a National Park Elopement